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Reference in APA 6th

Webpages & Web Documents

A Document from a Webpage (use italics in title)

Author, A. (YEAR). Web-document title: Subtitle. Retrieved from

Burgess, A. (Ed.). (2013). Emotions and cancer: A guide for people with cancer, their families and friends. Retrieved from

Webpages or Websites (no italics in title)

Author, A. (YEAR). Webpage title: Subtitle. Retrieved from

Cancer Council Western Australia. (2011). Coping with the emotional effects of cancer. Retrieved from emotional-effects/

Note that referencing a document taken from a webpage uses italics in the title e.g. 

     Author, A. (YEAR). Web-document title: Subtitle. Retrieved from

Whereas, referencing a webpage that is one part of a larger site, requires the use of normal font e.g. 

     Author, A. (YEAR). Webpage title: Subtitle. Retrieved from

Note also, that if a page or document on a website is likely to change in the near future, the reference list and in-text citation entries should include the year, month and day of publication where possible e.g. (2010, October 29).

For a passing reference to a website in-text, the URL is sufficient; no reference list entry is needed e.g.

     Choice Online is a popular source of information for Australian consumers (

See the Variations & Abbreviations tab in on this page for help referencing sources with group/corporate authors, without dates or other irregularities.


Cancer patients as well as their family can find the treatment of the disease a physical and emotional roller coaster that can strain most families (Cancer Council Western Australia, 2011).


(Author Surname, Year, page or paragraph number [if available])

As a result, a "cancer diagnosis can also affect relationships with family" (Burgess, 2013, para. 2).