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APA 6 Guide

Guide to referencing using APA 6. Download and print quick guides & checklists. Watch instructional videos & practice using interactive tutorials.

APA 7 Transition

ACAP is beginning a staged transition to the APA 7 referencing style for Term 3, 2020. Criminology will shift from Harvard to APA 7 in 2021. This guide introduces you to the most significant changes in APA 7. It provides transition information & resources.

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APA 7 Guide

An online guide to APA 7 referencing. Download the quick guide & sample papers. Learn to format in-text citations & reference lists using clear examples and style elements.

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Reference Management Software

Free referencing managers & citation plugins for MS Word. Manage your research, cite in-text & generate reference lists using Mendeley and Zotero. 

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Citation Tools

Information about and access to citation tools found in library databases and other academic indexes, along with online citation generators.

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Harvard Guide

A guide to referencing using the Harvard author-date style for criminology students.