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Information Skills

Videos and online tutorials to support and develop information skills.

Information Skills Online

The following 8 interactive tutorials are designed to help you use library services and develop research skills.

The tutorials contain information and instructions to help you work through the exercises which test your new found knowledge and skills. Hover over and click the following symbols and icons as you work your way through each module.  They will be your guides. 

 Hover over and click the information icons to receive instructions or more information about the content on the page.

 Click this icon to complete the tutorial.  You will sometimes be directed to complete a quiz before finishing the presentation.

 Click the directional icons when you have completed the tasks on a page.  These will take you to the next step in the tutorial. 

 Hover over and click on other boxes to read more about a topic or perform a task.  These boxes may contain images or plain text. A green arrow will indicate that you need to click on an area to perform a task.

 Finally, make sure you complete the tutorial checklist at the end of each presentation.