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ACAP Library Pathfinder: Literature Review

Learn about the process of searching, choosing, recording and evaluating information for writing a literature review.

Save & Organise in MultiSearch or Library Databases

Keeping track of the search strategies you have used as well as the literature you have found is an essential component of writing a literature review. Go to the Save & Organise Research guide to learn about using My Library and the library's online databases to manage your searches and organise your literature. Features include:

  • Saving individual items to your eShelf or personalised folders
  • Saving entire searches or pages of results
  • Exporting bibliographic data to referencing management tools such as Mendeley (RIS)
  • Add items to bookmarking services.

Reference Management Software

Rather than saving the results of your literature searches in various databases across multiple platforms, it can be beneficial to save your research all in one place. Dedicated reference management applications such as Mendeley are designed specifically for this purpose. They will also help you correctly cite sources when you are writing the review.  If you require assistance using any of these reference management tools, please contact your campus library.