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ACAP Library Pathfinder: Self-Care and Wellness

Self-care units in social work, psychology and counselling


This guide has been designed to help you get started with locating resources for any units in your course focussed on self-care. 

  • Use the Advanced Search pages to learn about specific searching techniques that are useful for this topic.
  • The Search Assistant (in the sidebar) can guide you through the process of building a search, which you can copy and paste into MultiSearch or any of the library databases, to retrieve better results.
  • If you need basic instruction on using our library, locating ebooks or journal articles, referencing, and more, use the Learn to Search links in the sidebar.

Definitions & Overviews

A good place to start if you need definitions, history, trends or overviews of a topic, is to search the set of GALE Encyclopedias.

Library Resources

Here are some library searches which will get you started.  Have a look at the keywords used in these searches, and change them to make them specific to your interests. Note the use of wildcards like " " or * or ?.  Change the date range in the Multisearch sidebar.  As you search you may find new keywords to add.

Find resources in the library for counsellors, psychologists or social workers in these formats:

Here are some examples of finding resources on a topic.  Click on one of these searches to take you to Multisearch.  Adapt the search strategies to find your own topics. Try to improve on these keywords by examining keywords and subject headings in the search results.

Selected Resources

Students can also search for articles in individual journals.  Listed below are a selection of the many psychology, counselling and social work journals available electronically through the ACAP Library..  You can browse these journals directly, or search across all journals by using Multisearch or one of our databases.


Social Work Counselling Psychology
Australian Social Work Counseling and Values   Journal of Applied Psychology
British Journal of Social Work Counselling Australia Journal Journal of Counseling Psychology  
Journal of Social Work Counselor Education and Supervision  
Social Work Education    



These organisations are useful sources of information.  Download their Codes of Ethics.

AASW (Australian Association of Social Workers)

ACA (Australian Counselling Association)

PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia)