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Reference in AGLC 4th

Reported Cases AGLC3

Australian Guide to Legal Citation - Referencing Reported Cases
Hard copy, reported cases are referenced like this in law journals using the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC3), 3rd ed. (p.37).

The party names are listed first
V stands for and in civil matters and against in criminal matters
The bracket shape is significant. 
If round brackets are used, there is an independent volume number in the law report series.
If square brackets are used, the volumes are arranged by year or the year is significant in locating the case.
The case law series is always abbreviated - if you can't remember what an abbreviation means, try searching on this abbreviation list (courtesy of Monash University Law School).
The number following the law report abbreviation is the starting page of the case
If there is a number at the very end, this is the pinpoint.

The AGLC3 uses a footnote system for referencing. Here are some published articles using the AGLC3 referencing system:
Homicide Law Reform in Australia: Improving Access to Defences for Women who Kill their Abusers  
Juvenile Sex Offending: its prevalence and the criminal justice response

A bibliography is then added to the bottom of your essay (commencing on a new page). A sample bibliography is available on p.320 of the AGLC, 3rd ed.

Unreported Cases/Medium Neutral Citations

Australian Guide to Legal Citation - Decisions with a Medium Neutral Citation
When cases are first released, they are published on court websites or AustLII in medium neutral format.

A medium neutral citation format is used to reference unreported judgements. This is explained in the AGLC3, 3rd ed. (pp.52-3).

The party names are listed first
The year is included in square brackets
A unique court identifier is used instead of the court name
The judgement number is listed
The full date in round brackets 
A pinpoint is included when required (this is usually a paragraph number).

Here is a real example: The Queen v Price [2016] VSC 105 (18 March 2016)