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Learning Resources for Teaching: Using Audio-Visual Resources

Guidelines for using learning resources for teaching

Using YouTube

Some of the audio-visual material found on YouTube, is online without permission of the copyright owner.

Extracts from popular songs, movies or TV shows are often unauthorized. YouTube videos can be linked to or embedded in the learning management system however you must take care not to embed or link to material that has been uploaded to YouTube illegally.

Potentially infringing files should not be linked to or recommended to students.

Part VA - Copying and communicating audio-visual resources

Recordings from broadcast media

Under the Screenrights license, people working in or for education institutions may copy audio-visual resources from TV and radio (including podcasts) for the educational purposes of the institution. Under this license, portions or whole programs recorded from broadcast TV and radio can be included in the online class space or other password protected software platform. Many TV programs available through the Screenrights license can be found in the library's EduTV video database.

Reproducing whole or part of DVDs in Moodle

While DVDs can be shown in a face-to-face classroom setting under the part VA license, content from a DVD cannot be ‘format-shifted’ to another digital format and made available to students in the online class space.

If you wish to communicate part of a DVD in an online class space contact the Copyright Officer.

The Copyright Officer can assist in contacting copyright owners to obtain permission to use of the required content. In specific case-by-case circumstances, the Flexible Dealing exception of the Copyright Act (s200AB) allows for use of copyright material where the use is not covered by specific exceptions such as Part VA. 

While a purchased or borrowed DVD may be shown in a physical classroom, it cannot be shown as part of a recorded lecture. Lectures recorded in Echo360 or delivered synchronously online must not contain any part of the DVD. Again, images from the relevant DVD may be permissible under s200AB; contact the Copyright Officer.