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Reference Management Software

Reference management and citation plugins for MS Word. Manage your research, cite in-text, generate reference lists & collaborate with others.

Importing References

Drag and Drop PDFs from PC

  1. Open file manager on your PC
  2. Open Mendeley Reference Manager
  3. Drag your PDFs onto Mendeley

Manually Create a Reference

  1. Click Add new
  2. Select Add entry manually
  3. Enter the DOI in the appropriate field and Mendeley will add the details


Import RIS File from PC

  1. Click Add new
  2. Click File(s) from computer
  3. Find your .ris file in your downloads
  4. If you can't find it, try searching for its file name

Internet or Databases using the Web Importer

  1. Navigate to a Website, report, database folder or Multisearch results
    • Ensure that there is a DOI link in the description to be able to import the PDF along with the reference details
    • If not, you will need to add it manually to the reference in Mendeley
  2. Click the Mendeley Web Importer
  3. Select the resources you want to import
  4. Select the collection you want to save your results to
NOTE: Downloading a PDF from a website, ALWAYS check the reference in Mendeley.