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Reference in APA 7

This guide provides formatting and presentation standards in APA 7 for ACAP students.

Reference Elements: Report Series & Decisions

Name v Name (Year) Volume Law Report Series Abbreviation Starting Page

Name v Name  [Year] Law Report Series Abbreviation, Starting Page

Name v Name  [Year] Unique Court Identifier Judgement Number

Name v Name (Court, Judge(s), Full Date)

Volumes of law report series are organised by either year or by volume number. Where a law report series is organised by volume number, the year in which the decision was handed down should appear in round brackets '( )'.

Where the volumes of a law report series are organised by year, the year of the volumes in which the case is reported should appear in square brackets '[ ]'.

When citing individuals, use only their surnames.

Where the case involves more than one action, only the first action should be cited

Reference List Examples

Decisions from a Law Report Series
Use this format for reported cases

Theophanus v Herald & Weekly Times Ltd (1994) 182 CLR 104

Nydam v The Queen [1977] VR 430


Decisions with a Medium Neutral Citation
Use this format for cases from AustLII and websites such as the Psychology Board of NSW

Quarmby v Keating [2009] TASSC 80

Health Care Complaints Commission v Wardle (No 2) [2020] NSWCATAD 74 

Jones v Psychology Board of Australia [2019] QCAT 162

Re Stone [2007] PRBD (Vic) 8


Unreported Decisions Without a Medium Neutral Citation
This format is used for older cases which are not published in a law report series or available online. 

Ross v Chambers (Supreme Court of the Northern Territory, Kriewaldt J, 5 April 1956)

In Text Elements: Report Series & Decisions

(Name v Name, Year, Pinpoint)

Name v Name (Year, Pinpoint) 

Where needed, pinpoint references should appear as paragraph or page numbers as shown in the decision or report.

When citing individuals, use only their surnames.

In Text Examples

Theophanus v Herald & Weekly Times (1994)

(Nydam v The Queen, 1977)

(Quarmby v Keating, 2009, para. 11)

Ross v Chambers (1956) ... (p. 2)

(Re Stone, 2007)