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Reference in APA 7

This guide provides formatting and presentation standards in APA 7 for ACAP students.

Reference Elements: Newspaper Articles

Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Year, Month Day). Title of the article: Subtitle. Title of News Source, Volume# or Edition#(Issue), Page#-Page#. https://xxxxx

Always use a DOI if available (for both print and online resources).

Only use a URL instead of a DOI if the journal is not from an academic database.

If from an academic database, do include database information in the reference. 

If the article does not have volume, issue or page number information, omit from the reference. 

Middleton, K. (2020, May 9). What happened with the Ruby Princess. The Saturday Paper, 300.

Boseley, M., Knaus, C., & Landis-Hanley, J. (2020, May 11). Social distancing rules explained: Australia's current state by state coronavirus guidelines. The Guardian (Aust. ed.).

Iliadis, M. (2020, February 24). Domestic violence victims need legal backing. The Age, 20. 

Parenthetical Style

The ship became "Australia’s largest source of Covid-19 deaths" (Middleton, 2020, para. 1). 

Police are charged with the task of deciding who receives penalties (Boseley et al., 2020).

Narrative Style

Middleton (2020) describes how the ship became "Australia’s largest source of Covid-19 deaths" (para. 1). 

Boseley et al. (2020) remarks that police are charged with the task of deciding who receives penalties.